DealerApp Vantage
DealerApp Vantage
Industry leader in branded automotive dealer mobile apps

Pioneers in automotive dealer mobile apps

Founded in 2008, DealerApp Vantage set out to revolutionize dealer mobile app development for the automotive industry. DealerApp has always been forward thinking about a mobile-first world long before the mobile app boom happened. 

Leveraging the leading technologies at each iteration, we have made our claim to fame by being able to develop dealer branded, customized mobile application for all the major mobile platforms in lightning speed. Over the last decade we have developed thousands of mobile apps for thousands of dealerships around the world.

As the mobile world has begun shifting to more data driven and automated mindset, we have been hard at work to make sure we are ahead of the curve and providing our customers with the best experience.

DealerApp Vantage

Established 2008

Award Winning

DealerApp Vantage has been recognized throughout the years for our products and achievements

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