Car Selling Apps


Who says you can't have it all? Auto Dealers and Auto groups can now easily launch their own branded car selling apps with just a few clicks. 

M-Link’s powerful platform and super easy interface allows any user to create beautiful and professional looking apps with no coding or development experience.

Not only mobile apps will look good, but also be extremely functional. Learn how car selling apps for mobile devices can increase vehicle sales, increase current customer retention, handle customer payments and host important documents in a secure cloud, all with your brand and name on it.

Make real-time changes to the home screen layout of your mobile app and content on demand. Simply select, click and go live.

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DealerApp Vantage - Car Dealer Mobile App Developers
DealerApp Vantage - Car Dealer Mobile App Developers
DealerApp Vantage - Car Dealer Mobile App Developers
DealerApp Vantage - Car Dealer Mobile App Developers
DealerApp Vantage - Car Dealer Mobile App Developers

Why Customization Matters?

Fresh Look & Feel

Keep your mobile app looking and feeling fresh at all times. The home screen is the primary place customers will see your branding, company aesthetic, and the standout features and functions you want to highlight for your customers . Make sure it’s always looking its best!

Get Fancy

Mobile video has been dominating marketing for years now. The home screen supports crisp HD videos, photos, and custom graphics to bring your brand and mobile app to life. These changes are per tile, allowing rich video and sharp images to be used in combination on the home screen. See we told you the tiles were alive.

Stay Updated

Your website is updated consistently to showcase new specials and events happening at the dealership. Your mobile app should be no different. With our easy to use app dashboard, refresh your mobile app content in just a few minutes. Create continuity amongst all the mediums your customer uses to access your business.

The Swiss Army Tile

The tile based layout can be resized and reconfigured in dozens of configurations. Each tile can be customized with an icon,  background image or video, and be set to control one of 24 different app functions. You can even deep link another mobile app into a tile. This allows for access to manufacturer apps, providing unique content and functions built right into your branded dealer app. Mobile app-ception!

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

How Does It Work?

  • From the app dashboard choose one of our pre-assembled templates or create your layout from scratch. If you need any help or inspiration in designing your home screen layout we are always just a phone call or email click away.
  • Add a tile, size it, give it a title, make it pretty, give it something to do, rinse and repeat. Add up to 10 tiles. There are over 20 features that can be assigned to each tile. Many of the features are customizable for your unique services and products.
  • Add, update, or remove a tile at any time. All changes are published live and visible in the mobile app in about a minute. Highlight a particular feature by simply changing the size of the tile to get more or less attention.

From Our Clients

Customers are always able to see what the latest specials, announcements, and events are using crystal clear HD video on the home screen.

From Our Clients

During COVID 19 shutdowns, we were able to update the home screen to keep customers informed of changes to business operations at any moment and special operation changes like at home test drive, delivery and service pick up & drop offs.

Consumers are opening your DealerApp on average every 45 days, thanks to the lure of Push Notifications. This means that your app will see the same repeated users more often than your website. Making routine tweaks to your app will increase your app engagement and serve your business well for marketing service and sales.

The flexibility afforded by the app tiles includes integrations with 700 Credit, KBB, 3rd party Rewards programs and others. Functions include About Us, Form Builder, Express PickUp, Loan Calculator, Gas Prices, Loyalty Rewards, Menu access, My Garage, Service Menu, Call Functions, Texting Functions, Referral Program, Schedule Service Settings, Share this App, Staff Page, Toolkit, Links to websites, and Customer Profile.

This technology is available to all our customers on our latest apps at no additional cost. Reach out to our team to discuss ideas to maximize the Live Tiles!


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