Come for Service
Stay for Rewards

A customizable and completely native in app mobile loyalty rewards program

YOU create the rewards and the ways to earn them to keep customers coming back to YOUR dealership(s).


How Does It Work?

From your app dashboard you create the program in a few simple steps!

  1. Create a reward and give it a point value
  2. Create ways to earn and give point values to each task
  3. Display the system generated QR codes at the service desk to scan
  4. That’s it! Customers will scan those QR codes with your mobile app to earn points, redeem rewards, and build loyalty with your brand
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Why Rewards Work

Auto Groups

Are you a multi location or nationwide group? Not a problem! M-Link Loyalty Rewards can be set to a group configuration with a flip of a switch. Reward points can be locked to specific locations or shared among all locations in the group, the choice is yours.


Rewards branded to YOU. Manufacturer rewards programs are nice but they don’t keep your dealership or group branding top of mind. M-Link Loyalty rewards allows you to put your dealership or group brand top of mind for your customers*


The customization options of the program give you the flexibility to create the type of program that will best resonate with your customers. Make live real time changes to the program at any moment to adapt current needs and demands. Drive customer behavior with a program that best fits the needs of your dealership and customers at all times.

On Demand

You have the ability to add points to a customer at any time. This is great for making things right for those rare moments a customer has a negative experience at the dealership.

What Our clients Are Saying

Loyalty Rewards has brought better efficiency and accuracy with tracking rewards progress for customers our staff internally.
Clients have saved big by ditching older paper based rewards programs with MLR’s all digital solution.
With the flexibility of MLR it has allowed clients to make changes that were not possible with previous vendors.
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What's Coming Next?Something BIG

There are some game changing features for M-Link Loyalty Rewards that are on the way. Here is a sneak peek at what's coming soon.

  • Automated Point Earning. Leverage the vital data from the DMS to unlock incredible M-Link Loyalty Reward automations. Customers can automatically be credited reward points after servicing their vehicles. All completely contactless and automated, no QR scanning required! The ultimate convenience for you and your customers.  


  • Tiered System. Define your desired M-Link Loyalty Rewards tiers and allow your customers to receive additional benefits and specials based on their Rewards Ranking. By adding a little gamification to your rewards program you increase engagement and retain customers for the long term. Your customers will receive a customized digital in app rewards badge to identify their current ranking. 

Start building loyalty NOW