Customer documents signed

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Cloud Document Storage with mDocs


m-Docs is a convenient and secure way to store important customer documents in our secure encrypted Cloud Document Storage, accessible inside your branded dealer mobile app.

Service contracts, warranties, finance documents, F&I contracts, really any important documents you want to share with your customers can be imported with mDocs. It’s secure, fast, and simple.

Cloud Document Storage for Car Dealers

How Does It Work?

  1. Gather your digital document files
  2. Log in to your DealerApp Vantage mobile app dashboard
  3. Locate your customer in our database. 
  4. Add their documents to their profile.
  5. Customers can view their documents conveniently and securely in your mobile app. Documents can also be shared as well.

Benefits of using mDocs

All Digital

Digital documents have become more commonplace in the past decade, but with businesses around the world adapting to be more contactless now than ever, digital is the new standard. Stay ahead of the curve by replacing existing legacy paper workflows with a fast, secure, and environmentally friendly Cloud Document Storage solution. Keep your mobile solution in line with the industry’s transition to increasing remote and more contactless options for servicing your customers.


It’s good to be convenient, but more importantly especially in this day and age it MUST be secure as well. While the world relies more and more on digital documents and cloud Document Storage, security will always be top priority. mDocs is certainly no different. All customer documents are secured in the cloud with military grade encryption. Documents supplied by dealerships are never stored locally on the device.


Whether it’s paper, usb thumb drives, or something else, physical media options are expensive,  require constant replenishment, and create waste. Save those dollars and invest them back in other areas of your dealership and marketing. Dealers have saved thousands by switching to an all digital solution.


Searching frantically in your car glove compartment or file cabinet at home, looking for that one piece of paper that has the account number you are looking for? Yeh..we’ve all been there. Now those are yesterday’s problems! Customers will never have to hunt for their documents again. Conveniently located in your mobile app, customers always know exactly where to go and find their important documents. Documents can also be shared or forwarded as well.

What Our clients Are Saying

Previously we handed out USB thumb drives loaded with documents on them and customers would frequently misplace the drives and have to call the dealership to retrieve information or document copies they were looking for. mDocs has helped immensely to eliminate that problem.
mDocs has allowed us to save a significant amount of dollars each month. Between the expenses for paper, toner or ink, and more frequent printer repairs, those could easily add up. But moving to mDocs has helped the dealership to reduce those costs. Of course we cannot completely eliminate paper from our workflow, but mDocs has allowed us to be way more efficient in addition to the cost savings we gain.
DealerApp Vantage - Cloud Document Storage with M-Docs

What's coming in the next version?

We are always striving to continually improve our already game changing features. Here's a sneak peak of what we are working on next.

Soon customers will be able to upload their own documents such as driver’s license or insurance docs to their profile. With explicit authorization from the customer, these documents will be able to be temporarily accessible by the dealership for various functions such as test drives request and credit applications. 

Ready to get started today?

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