Top 8 Reasons why Car Dealers need a Mobile App

Boosting App Engagement: 5 Strategies for 2024

Simply put, just having an app isn’t enough….

In today’s digital age, auto dealerships are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with customers and enhance their overall experience. However it’s essential to implement strategies to maximize customer engagement. First and foremost it’s important to establish your mobile app must be part of your sales process. The sales team is your frontline champion for marketing the app to the customers sitting in the chair right in front of them. Contact us to learn best practices for your sales and service teams. Beyond that, to stay competitive and gain the advantage more is needed. Here are five PROVEN methods for your dealership to maximize your mobile app growth and success:

A dealership-branded mobile app serves as an excellent retention tool and has been adopted by many stores, large and small – CBT News

Mobile Site Banner

A strategically placed banner on the your mobile website can effectively promote the app and encourage downloads. This banner should highlight the benefits of using the app, such as access to exclusive deals, convenient service scheduling, or personalized vehicle recommendations. By integrating the app promotion into the your online presence, they can capture the attention of website visitors and convert them into app users. We work along with your website provider to get this implemented for you.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a direct and immediate way to engage app users. You can leverage push notifications to alert customers about special promotions, service reminders, new vehicle arrivals, or exclusive events. By delivering timely and relevant messages, dealerships can keep their app top-of-mind for users and encourage them to return for maximum retention.

Geofence Messages

Geofencing technology allows you to send targeted messages to app users based on their physical location. For example, when a customer enters the vicinity of your dealership send them a welcome message. Sponsoring a local event? Send your customers an automated geofence message thanking them for their support. This is your opportunity to get creative here! They can receive a notification reminding them to schedule a service appointment or offering a discount on parts and accessories. By leveraging geofence messages, you can deliver relevant and timely content that enhances the customer experience and drives foot traffic to your locations.

On-Site Signage

Utilizing signage material within your dealership’s physical locations is another effective way to promote the app and encourage engagement. This could include posters, banners, or digital displays featuring QR codes or short URLs for easy app download. By integrating app promotion into your dealership’s physical environment, can reach customers at the point of sale and encourage them to download the app for specials and rewards using our build in loyalty rewards program.

Email Blasts

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for engaging with customers, and your dealership can leverage your email lists to promote the mobile app. Send targeted email blasts highlighting the benefits of downloading the app, such as access to exclusive offers, loyalty rewards, or personalized vehicle recommendations. By segmenting your email list and tailoring the messaging to specific customer interests and preferences, effectively drive app downloads and increase engagement among your audience.

With your branded mobile app you have a valuable opportunity to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth. By implementing strategies such as push notifications, mobile site banners, geofence messages, on-site signage material, and email blasts, you can effectively promote your app and gain crucial customer retention. By leveraging the power of mobile technology, you will build stronger relationships with your customers and stay ahead in today’s competitive automotive market.

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