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MDocs – A Case for the Obvious & the Necessary

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Not one day goes by that I don’t have to field a call from a customer who needs a copy of a contract.

Every dealer I have worked at and visited has said the same thing. Sometimes it’s stated with a sigh of discontent, defeat, or even anger. And realistically, who wouldn’t? We print out physical copies and have pretty little folder or package to put it in, we even purchase branded flash drives and make a digital copy, we also have them emailed to the customer. But when it comes to the moment they need that contract to initiate a claim without a second thought they call you.

On the other side of this experience is the customer who expects you to provide immediate access to the needed documents and be able to send it to them instantly.  They are standing at the counter of another shop or dealer surrounded by others waiting to be attended to but they are the bottleneck slowing down the process because they do not have their contract. Even more aggravating, they are on the side of the road broken down with babies in the back seats crying trying to find the contract they were told to keep in their glove box but of course it’s not there. Hours later, they finally receive a copy of the contract from you. Sometimes it is too late, they have already paid out of pocket and now must submit the bill to hopefully get reimbursed.

To both parties it is a nuisance. And it seems totally unnecessary given all the technology and access available today. Yet the struggle remains.

MDocs is a part of a collective mobile solution for dealers. Dealer groups or standalone stores are provided with a brand customer facing mobile app that facilitates all dealer interactions. DMS integration provides safe and secure identification of your customer and allows you to deliver a seamless experience whether they are physically at the dealer or a few hundred miles away.

MDocs is a cloud-based document storage solution for customers to receive, upload, and share pertinent documents. The dealer has a secure permission-based portal to upload contracts and receive documents from the customer. The customer has a dealer branded app where they can see documents or upload items like a driver license, registration, or insurance card. These transactions are protected through encryption to meet all privacy guidelines and keep your dealer protected and compliant.  

Here are a few of the major benefits:


One of the primary advantages is accessibility. Users can access their documents from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows instant access to the contracts they need regardless of their physical location. This will also permit them to share documents with the dealer to facilitate test drives, rentals, loaners, and digital retailing.


MDocs cloud storage invests heavily in security measures to protect user data. This includes encryption, data redundancy, access controls, and regular security updates. Storing documents in the cloud can be more secure than keeping them on local servers or devices. Unless you have already contracted vendors that allow for encrypted emails and text messages your team has already violated FTC data privacy law.


Cloud storage solutions are highly scalable, allowing businesses to adjust their storage capacity based on their needs. Whether a company is a one store or a large enterprise, cloud storage can accommodate growing amounts of data without requiring any upfront investment in hardware infrastructure.


MDocs storage is more cost-effective than on-premises storage solutions. Dealers avoid the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software infrastructure. Additionally, cloud storage eliminates costs associated with physical storage space, such as maintenance, upgrades, and physical security. Additionally, this solution is part of a customer facing dealer branded mobile app the reflects all the services and products your dealer offers.

As you can see the solution is not only obvious but necessary. Your customers expect convenience and accessibility. More than ever they also expect you to protect their data. MDocs becomes the best approach to meet the high demands of our business in a way that benefits customers and dealers all the while meeting the mandatory compliance standards.

It’s obvious you need to schedule a demo to see what other benefits can be achieved with DealerApp Vantage.