230 Auto Dealers Using its Mobile Apps

DealerApp Vantage Announces Milestone of 230 Auto Dealers Using its Mobile Apps to Interact with Customers, with over 100,000 Downloads

Piscataway, NJ, February 23, 2011DealerApp Vantage, a software development company that leads the industry in mobile application (apps) design and development for auto dealers, today announced that the company enjoyed unprecedented growth in 2010 and its mobile applications are now used by more than 230 auto dealers nationwide. In just the first year of business, from January 2010 through January 2011, the company increased in the number of applications (apps) sold to dealerships by over 3500% and has eclipsed the 100,000 download plateau.

“The growth that DealerApp Vantage experienced in its first year is attributable to a variety of things. One is the timing of DealerApp. We have seen the automotive community start to embrace mobile technology in the marketplace in the past year as dealers realize the need to connect with customers in ways they never could in the past. We are all witnessing a world shift toward the smartphone. Dealers and the automotive community will either adjust with the shift, or play an expensive game of catch up later,”

said Ed Louis DealerApp Vantage Co-founder/CEO.

Dealer App is a mobile app developed by DealerApp Vantage to help auto dealers better interact with their customers and prospective car buyers. A powerful marketing breakthrough, Dealer App allows dealers to reach existing and potential new customers, everyday 24/7, in a non-intrusive manner. Dealer App is a faster and easier way for the customer to contact the dealership, schedule service, get quotes on vehicles, or view specials. It keeps customers engaged with rich Push Notifications, real integrated inventory, and a ‘Toolbox’ full of useful utilities.

“Smartphone users dominate the marketplace and merchants the world over are figuring out ways to catch the eye of these “addicts” who live on their phones,” commented DealerApp Vantage marketing executive Luis Bermudez. “There is a global shift occurring with how businesses are contacting and interacting with their customers. We just want to be ahead of that shift.”

About DealerApp Vantage:
DealerApp Vantage is a software development company that leads the industry in mobile application (apps) design and development for auto dealers. It stands ahead of any competition because its technology staff has worked with auto dealers for years in IT development. It is the only company in this space that has such an intimate knowledge of what auto dealers are looking for with regards to marketing and technology.

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