The Power of the Customizable Home Screen

Virtually every auto dealer has had to update their websites with new information due to COVID-19 or to inform customers of new remote digital sales & service options. Don’t forget to update your mobile app home screen for the same reasons.

M-Link was developed with on the fly customization in mind. It was made for times like this. One of our favorite features of M-Link is the Customizable Home Screen. The home screen can be updated or totally reconfigured in just a few moments from the DealerApp Dashboard. 


Step 1: Log into the App Dashboard and click Home Screen

Step 2: Select App and Location

Step 3: Begin customizing! Add or remove tiles, expand or shrink them, change graphic, text, photos and integrate videos!

The best part? Changes go live in MINUTES! No app update required. 

Don’t leave your mobile apps behind, need help or ideas updating your home screens?