Adapting to Covid-19

The Mobile Strategy

We have been watching what dealers have been doing on our mobile app platform to get ahead of this situation and we are impressed!​ Here are just some of the ways dealerships have been proactively adapting business needs with their mobile apps.


Push Notifications

Dealers have been able to communicate with their customers right on their mobile phone lock screens. Updating customers about extra precautionary measures at the dealership, changes in hours of operation, and announcing new servicing options available.

Pick up & Drop Off Service

Depending on their area, some dealerships are affected by shelter in place mandates. Affected dealers have been able to adapt by using the native built in pick up & drop off scheduler in the app, no 3rd party service required.

Loyalty Rewards

Some dealers have been mandated to shutdown showrooms and have been operating solely in the service departments. With the shift to service, what better time could there be to retain and reward your customers for their loyalty during these critical times with the native built in Loyalty Rewards system. Dealerships have been able to customize the program on the fly to handle new service incentives.

Digital Retailing

Some showrooms may be shut down but not the mobile app! Dealers have ensured customers and potentials have been able to browse LIVE inventory, view photos, ask questions, and apply for financing all through the mobile app. Others are utilizing the custom form builder to facilitate lease returns remotely.

The Bottom Line

We are very proud of how our dealers have been using the platform to get over these new hurdles. If you are currently a DealerApp Vantage customer, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can continue to help you navigate these new challenges. If you are not yet a customer or were in the past, reach out to us and we’ll make sure you stay ahead of this curve.

Email inbox message list online interface

Don’t Get Lost In The Inbox

As every company is racing to send out important communication to their customers amid COVID-19 via email, the problem is EVERYBODY is sending emails. Your emails are getting lost in a sea of hundreds of other emails with a similar message. This is why standing out with push notifications is crucial!  Below we share the top reasons they work so well, especially during these times. 


The Numbers

The statistic speak for themselves. There’s a 75% opt-in rate for mobile users to accept push notifications, a 90%push notification open rate of those users, while more than 50% of them share their location data as well. The reachability and engagement of push notifications is often superior to email.

Direct Communication

When we say direct we mean DIRECT. Reach customers directly on their smartphone lock screens where they can see your messages before even unlocking their devices! This puts you in the front of the line when it comes to your customers attention which is crucial to always remain top of mind.

Geo Targeted

Since push notifications were bred from the mobile world, they can take far more advantage of mobile technologies. Push notifications can be automated based on customer location for hyper personalized experiences for example using beacons in your dealership or in conjunction with geo-fences using Google Maps.

The Bottom Line?

Email has and will always have its place and usage, but push notifications should be essential to your messaging. Contact us below to learn about how you can better connect with customers using push notifications


The Power of the Customizable Home Screen

Virtually every auto dealer has had to update their websites with new information due to COVID-19 or to inform customers of new remote digital sales & service options. Don’t forget to update your mobile app home screen for the same reasons.

M-Link was developed with on the fly customization in mind. It was made for times like this. One of our favorite features of M-Link is the Customizable Home Screen. The home screen can be updated or totally reconfigured in just a few moments from the DealerApp Dashboard. 


Step 1: Log into the App Dashboard and click Home Screen

Step 2: Select App and Location

Step 3: Begin customizing! Add or remove tiles, expand or shrink them, change graphic, text, photos and integrate videos!

The best part? Changes go live in MINUTES! No app update required. 

Don’t leave your mobile apps behind, need help or ideas updating your home screens?